Situational intelligence in one, centralized platform

Perimeter brings real-time, collaborative data visualization to public safety. Our platform allows first responders to collect, input and share information in real-time, with a simple, intuitive interface. Citizens can then view this information on an interactive map, and select any incident for additional information.

Ken Dueker, Palo Alto OES

"We have an appetite to innovate, but we don't have the tools."

Data visualization for public safety

Government agencies at all levels currently rely on legacy geospatial tools that require support from specialized experts. These tools are not built to be collaborative: they are not accessible from mobile devices, and lack integration with agencies’ data compliance and authorization flows. 

Perimeter joins the power of geospatial data with the freedom of the internet and the ease-of-use of mobile technologies. By allowing first responders and citizens to access the benefits of real-time situational intelligence and collaboration, Perimeter is poised to become the standard mapping platform for all emergency operations: protection, prevention, mitigation, response, and recovery.

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Evacuation support

The core features of the Perimeter application are designed around a map visualization, allowing citizens to easily navigate hazards and stay safe as an incident progresses. Our platform provides a centralized location for citizens to track evacuation notices, identify recommended evacuation routes, and receive notifications directly from first responders. 

The application is also built to integrate with other social media and routing applications, making it easy to take action or spread the word about an incident as it develops. 


New tools for first responders

Collaborative data sharing

First responders can input, share and publish relevant incident data, which is then disseminated to other first responders and citizens. This allows them to immediately view new incident updates and contribute additional details. 

Personnel management

The platform allows decision makers to dynamically assign groups and roles to first responders, and designate proper authorization.

Offline capabilities

A large set of functionalities work under low or no internet connection. Additionally, the application automatically stores new incident updates while online for users to easily access later.